About Proneo

Proneo AS is an innovation consulting company based in Trøndelag county in Norway. The company is private and non-profit. We are twenty-one highly dedicated persons who are focused on helping any businesses at any stage of development from start-up companies to mature firms to create sustainable growth through innovation. We work regionally, nationally and internationally and offer a wide variety of services to our customers such as:

  • Program management for regional and national incubation-, innovation- and cluster programmes.
    • We provide start-ups with a broad range of administrative, consulting and networking services through our business incubator.
    • We facilitate the development and growth of start-up companies and mature industry.
    • We facilitate access to R&D projects, financing, and capital.
    • We stimulate intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, and innovations within established businesses.
    • We provide business courses in entrepreneurship and management as well as training seminars on actual topics.
    • We provide services for cluster development within forest industries, water treatment technologies and within on- and offshore wind energy businesses.
  • Business development consultancy for established companies.
    • Private businesses
      • Project and Process Management within business development and innovation processes
      • Project and corporate funding
      • Company restructuration
    • Industries
      • Oil & Gas
      • Energy
      • Mechanical industries
      • Tourism
      • Forest, agriculture & food industry
    • Public sector
      • We execute outsourced municipal tasks for business development of local SMEs and business ideas in the region.
    • We facilitate restructuring processes in the public and private sector.

We have a comprehensive experience in B2B connections among regional and international business partners. Proneo is also engaged in some large long-term international projects. In this regard, we have a huge network as well as a lot of experience in business development and project management. Providing our services, we cover the whole region with a high concentration of industrial, commercial, and agricultural enterprises. Proneo has two offices, in Verdal (14 000 inhabitants) and Stjørdal (23 000 inhabitants), near the international airport.

Since 2004 we have developed a business incubator concept tailored for agriculture and food industry with a particular focus on rural areas. Later this endeavour was converted into a national program by Siva, which manages the business incubation program in Norway.